When Nothing is Left to Chance

Rigel Sistemi S.p.A. is a multi-discipline engineering and construction company having the activities focused in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and Desalination PlantsWe are a multi-years experienced team offer a “single stop shop” to provide the best process and cost effective solution, starting from the process requirements up to the commissioning. Rigel Sistemi design and manufacture pre-assembled systems, in Italy and abroad, by “turnkey” formula , on behalf of oil companies, private clients and public administrations.



A successful ‘FEED’ study and evaluation is all about locking in value from the beginning. Rigel Sistemi will engage with you at the earliest opportunity to offer all the benefits of their expertise as a multi-disciplined engineering consultancy and facility. We are uniquely placed to influence the quality of your project and ensure we always add that value.



After the evaluation, or ‘FEED’ stage, we take your project to our innovative and highly-skilled design team. Alongside our process engineers, they supply a full system design, using the very latest technology. At our Italy headquarters, we have a multi-disciplined team who work to provide exactly what your chosen solution demands.


Build and Test

Physically assembling the hardware makes your system come alive. Our highly regulated workshop works in line with full factory acceptance and has staging areas for testing, within a bright and spacious environment. Clients are included throughout this process, helping us get everything exactly right and teaching them about its capability.



When everything is fully tested and found to be working perfectly, we ship your material safely and securely to to site. Our team follow your hardware to site and will install if required. Whether we install or not, we’re always on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.




Our software engineers are vital to the successful commissioning of your new Control System and travel to help set it up. They work closely with you to make sure everything runs like clockwork, whilst answering any outstanding questions you might have.



Support and Service

We understand that supporting your core system and new assets is extremely important. Through our multi-disciplined support & service agreements we can offer a solution which is tailored to meet your exact site requirements. This can be in the form of managed service contracts, call-out and remote support, site surveys or ad-hoc arrangements, we want to help you run your plant at maximum availability



With Rigel Sistemi you have peace of mind that we’re on hand, to make sure that we can replace your system at the end of its working life. We understand what’s required for a smooth transition and a smart reinvestment and with our industry knowledge and trusted partnerships, we’ll know exactly what to do



We’re the rigth choice for you