Rigel Sistemi was founded in 1997 integrating the production facilities and human resources of two companies already active in the construction and electronic field.
From the union of these two companies has been formed a new structure in which the experience of work than twenty years in industrial and strategic fields has been integrated, permitting to cover client requests in an high technological level.
Our organization is currently able to provide solutions and packages for the industrial sector, with special reference to Oil & Gas and Water Treatment sectors, giving a continous and complete assistance to the Customers, starting from the process definition, study of the system, construction and up to the start-up.
Rigel Sistemi also focused its activities in the training of client Engineer to put them in condition to manage the plant by themselves.
Being the activities performed in so large fields, we make use also of Partners located in Italy and abroad.
The approach to the client problems, allowed at Rigel Sistemi to expand his supply of services, in the fields of interest, on the domestic and worlwide markets with private groups and well-known International companies, thanks also to assistance of our Partners in various discipline.