Rigel Sistemi offers all services “Turnkey” in the Electric, Instrument and Automation fields.

Our Main Activities:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Basic and detail Engineering
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Control Rooms Study
  • Preparation of Contracts
  • Start-up Commissioning and Assistance
  • Maintenance and Services of Automation System
  • Reverse Osmosys Plant
  • Loading & Unloading arms Skid mounted reverse Osmosys plant
  • Technical and Economic Estimates
  • Turnkey Supply
  • Filtration Unit Skid moutend
  • DCS and SCADA Systems configuration & Supply
  • Emergency Shut Down System
  • Marshalling Cabinets Supply
  • MU & LU switchboard supply
  • Operator Console
  • Studies and Analysis of Supply Cabinets
  • Analyzer Cabinets for Lìquid and Gas
  • Fire detection and Cathodic protection study and Supply
  • Mesurament and reduction Skids for Gas & Liquid

Rigel Sistemi supply complete solution as customers want, starting from feasibility studies up to the system stat-up and operators training.