Rigel Sistemi staff is composed of highly qualified and proven experience engineers staff.

 n° 3 Top Managers
 n° 6 Administrative Clerks
 n° 5 Project Managers
 n° 1 Safety Controller
 n° 1 Quality Control Manager
 n° 4 Buyers
 n° 3 Expediting Clerks
 n° 3 Sales Assistant
 n° 3 Process Engineers
 n° 14 Piping Engineers
 n° 6 Civil Engineers
 n° 2 Engineers
 n° 8 Structural Engineers
 n° 8 Electric and Power engineers
 n° 8 Instrumentation Engineers
 n° 10 System Integrators
 n° 2 Commisioning and start up Engineers
 n° 18 Wirings and Mounting Operators
 n° 20 Mechanical Operators

Rigel Sistemi has ATP qualified Engineers.